Fast Talk Episode 177: A Harrowing Desert Tale of Heat Stress, Heat Stroke, and Heat Exhaustion

Hello, Listeners!

In June, Trevor went to Moab for what he thought would be a nice vacation filled with mountain biking with friends. It turned into a stressful, harrowing experience when one friend was evacuated to the hospital by helicopter, and Trevor was left wondering if he’d live.

Trevor’s friend had suffered heat exhaustion. In this episode, we speak with experts to help us better understand heat stress, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and similar conditions elicited by heat.

We’re curious to hear some personal experiences. Have you had an experience with a severe, heat-related event? Was it you or a riding partner? What happened and how did you deal with it?

Exploring Heat Stress and Heat Stroke, with Dr. William Adams

We explore health conditions elicited by heat, including heat stress, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion, with expert guest Dr. William Adams.