Episode 218: Potluck discussion

I enjoyed the Fast Talk Episode 218 “potluck” format. Nice break from the longer, deeper dive format. Especially Trevor rolling into the discussion without any science backup.

Plus, I liked the ribbing everyone was giving and taking.

I want to be the first on the forum to mention and give the thumbs up to Rob’s new nickname of “Pooh Bear!”


yeah it was good and well so is Pooh Bear Pickles… though they could have gone with Sticky Fingers it doesn’t have the same nice alliteration.

Agree I really enjoyed the podcast. One point on the bit about the Young Guns winning straight away. Nutrition. 20 years ago they perhaps had to really build their base in order to spare glycogen but now they are ramming 120g carb/HR down their necks from the flag drop perhaps there is less need to?

Hey Everyone, great to hear you like the new format! We’re always looking for new and better ways to get good information out to all of you. And please keep the feedback coming! The more we hear from you about what you do and don’t like about it, the better we can make it!


This episode really resonated with me.

First @trevor “Caveman Diet,” might enjoy that @robpickels might be more advanced than him. I’m currently reading “Exercised” by Daniel Lieberman and he relates how when he spent time with the Hazda tribe in Tanzania, one of the last of the hunter-gathers, they have a practice for when they are hunting and come across a bee hive. They build a fire, smoke out the bees, then eat all the honey, lol!

@robpickels liking long distance and MTB races but he has sprinter talent. It seems that there are 2 types of people, those that like to do what they are good at, and those (like me and perhaps Rob) who discount what they are good at and pursue what they aren’t good at. I’m a 200lbs mesomorph and love climbing (which I’m not good at.)

@gholicky Interesting that you didn’t have poolside snacks when you trained in the pool. I assume you are younger than I, I’m 58. When I was on “swim team” at the Y in the 1970s we always had jello packs (yes packs, not formed jello) that we would snack on during meets and practice. Imagine that a bunch of pre-teens running around the pool all hopped up on sugar! Maybe this tradition (fortunately!) was regionalized to upstate NY or fell out of favor. Thank you for taking me back!

Finally @trevor re: 2x2s not working then working again, great discussion about all aspects. The first thing that came to mind as with @gholicky I believe that it was reintroducing something after it. I call this the “Novel” effect (versus the “Novice” effect where you start say a new sport as a couch potato and no matter what you do you get faster!) Of course I like @robpickels exploring all the potential areas that could explain the current benefit of 2x2s that didn’t work a few years back!

Great stuff, as always. Thx for bring me back to my youth, and keeping me entertained and thinking during my endurance ride yesterday!!

Jim Slauson

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

@slauson I will say that I went through my period of intense focus on my skillset in my youth, but that as I’ve gotten older it has been less appealing.

Pooh-bear certainly works for me, although as I reveal more about myself I’m sure there will be something the supersedes it!

@slauson, great feedback, thank you! Have to admit that I’ve banned the use of the term “caveman” around here, but I do love the Hazda tribe research. It’s fascinating stuff. And yeah, they did love their honey when they found it.

Keep the feedback coming!