Ep. 211 - Weight Training for Neck/ Shoulder Health

Great episode on weight training. I thought I would share my experience neck post-injury. A few years back I pinched a nerve in my neck during cyclocross season. During my six months of recovery and PT I learned that regular gym work focused on the upper back and shoulders was key to preventing a relapse and future injury.

Weight training focused on the lats, rhomboids and deltoids seems to “floss” the entire back shoulder and neck area, keeping the spine and anatomy loose in those areas. You don’t need to use a lot of weight, and the exercises should be done fairly slowly to work the muscles in both contraction and flexion.

These exercises have been super helpful for me preserving neck and shoulder health while training on the bike.


dude, +1. I used to get terrible shoulder and neck issues whenever i used that part of my body. But after about a year of mobility work and strength work–and honestly not much of it focused on that area–and the difference is nigth and day. I am stronger, more mobile, more durable. Who’d have thought!

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