Endurance ride during recovery week

Hello everybody, I was planning my next few months of training and I was wondering what kind of endurance ride would be the best in the recovery weeks.

Where I am now in the season my Z1 (seiler) rides are about 4h. Do you guys and gals keep approx. the same lenght and lower the intensity, keep it the same or you cut the ride by 1-2 h. I am like most of you, a time crunched cyclist and I do 3 rides a week and 2 strength training days a week.

Thanks in advance for your answers


If you are time-crunched, motivation is good to great, body feels good then I would keep the endurance ride to 3-4 hours.

Back off the intensity during the rest week, but even here you might be able to do a half workout at the same intensity that you are used to if you are feeling good. Sometimes as time-crunched athletes we don’t always need a rest week if we have ourselves on a good plan.


Great thank you! I will try that.

I cut back , thus from 4 hours I would drop to a ride duration of between 2-3 hours. Whether it is nearer to 2 hours or 3 hours depends how fatigued I feel coming into a recovery week. More fatigue sees a greater reduction etc.

If you aren’t feeling fresh at end of your recovery week considering cutting back more than you did or even consider not returning to a 4 hour duration the week after.

Better to be slightly undertrained but fresh and keen, than be slightly overtrained and fatigued and wavering as they say.