Deep winter cycling gloves

I’m trying to complete some good long base rides over the winter (4-5hrs), currently based in the north of the UK. I’ve been searching for some deep winter gloves as my hands suffer on very cold rides. Any suggestions from those people who live in even colder climates than I? I’ve had the PEARL IZUMI Unisex AmFIB Lobster recommended, is it any good? Any advice/suggestions would be great. Rob

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I’m Finn and ride up to -25 celcius. I wear Lillsport skiing mitten, lobster. I have M-sized hand and use XL-mitten so that there is room for even bigger underglove. But operating levers is bit tricky with gloves that big.

Under Lillsport i have underglove, something which is warm even when wet. This is something which i change based on how cold it is, from thinner to thicker. Carry extra gloves just in case.

There are warm cycling gear, i know that some people use PEARL IZUMI as their winter kit but i have no first hand experience as there are no cycling shops where i live. I can touch and feel only skiing gear so i rather choose that. All my winter cycling gear is skiing clothing.

Hands and feet are highly personal i my opinion. Some people have really cold resistant hands and others have not, so what one might consider warm other might consider cold when it comes to winter.

I use Pearl Izumi AmFib lobster and they do great down to about 30 degress fahrenheit, below that I throw hand warmers in my gloves and on top of my shoes under my booties. They also make heated gloves. Many brands are out there that are ski or snowmobile companies and those shoudl work fine. The ones that I have heard work best for cycing are the Sealskinz brand. They are VERY expensive but I have heard great things.

Have you tried buffalo fibre pile mitts?