Coach Tenille Hoogland’s Masterclass for Masters Athletes

Speaker_Perimenopausal_Athletes_Beyond (Instagram Post) UPDATED

Female athletes and coaches have learned from experience that women can get more from training – and more enjoyment from sport – from a female-specific approach.

Tenille Hoogland is a coach, athlete, and Fast Talk Labs member who is producing the Perimenopausal Athletes and Beyond Masterclass running May 1-10. It’s free and you can register below to see recordings anytime.

During this series, a fascinating slate of experts will explore the impacts of hormonal changes facing women as masters athletes. Experts include Trevor Connor and Rob Pickels from Fast Talk Laboratories, Melanie McQuaid, Bob Seebohar, Dr. Carla DiGirolamo, Dr. Kristin Lauritzen, and over 20 more coaches, athletes, and researchers.

From this series, women and coaches gain a fuller understanding of how to manage training, nutrition, recovery, strength, and mobility through perimenopause and beyond.