Can some that works the night shift become pro

Maybe should i rephrase, how far can someone that works during the night shifts daily can go? Can his performance match to someone that works during the daylight? Can he try to aim for nationals or is just to ambitious of a goal? And what kind of approach should he take to become the best athlete he could be?
I work the night shift consistently, and train on weird timing during the day. But must importantly is to try sleep as much as possible.
Work from 10pm to 7:30am then go home and sleep from 9am to 5 or 8pm depending on how much train i have to do and then repeat. Obviously i have day off work and those i used to do long steady rides during day light wich mean i have to rearrange my sleep schedule every time I start and end my shifts.
I thought even tho i was actually against my biological needs i could race national but my level wasn’t enough so im asking this because im seriously considering to change work