Book Recommendation to complement Overtraining Episode

Just listened to the Overtraining Episode.

If you want to read an (in my opinion) amazing book on overtraining check out

Fit2besick by John Badessa I include the Amazon Link because it can be difficult to find the book for some reason.

The first person story of a talented national champion BMX racer who finds and becomes obsessed with Road Cycling. His overtraining journey, recovery, and subsequent relapse shows the physical, emotional, social consequences, the denial, the search for answers. It is a compelling read.

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Not on overtraining per say, but the book “Good to go” by Christie Aschwanden is a good read. It discusses the evidence behind so-called recovery modalities.

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Sage Rountree published a good book on avoiding overtraining, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery.

I have read ”Good To Go” My main take home was very few recovery modalities benefit performance more than their cost in terms of time and money! Maybe massage maybe compression.

I’ve used the money instead in blacking out my bedroom and a noise machine. And the time cost is free!! I need to sleep anyways!

I’m interested in your thoughts from the book!

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I’ll have to check that out Thx!

That was basically my takeaway too. Ride lots, sleep lots. Don’t drink alcohol. Gizmos might have a placebo effect. Definitely don’t use ice or NSAIDs in training but maybe in a multi-day race.

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