Athletica Releases

Athletica is a training platform that leverages coaching principles, sports science and artificial intelligence and seeks to help both athletes and coaches. Athletica services the sports of running, cycling, triathlon, duathlon and now rowing. A big part of the ethos at Athletica is professional development and education to empower and assist the end user - athletes that prefer to self-coach and coaches that would like an assistant coach or sport scientist working alongside them.

I spoke with Trevor and Rob on their podcast about Athletica and how we might continue to see AI leveraged in our field here.

I’ll use this thread to update our latest releases as we go.

  • Free 5-day email course - Athlete Profiling Primer - that teaches the concepts around the nuances of the different athlete profiles and what we might want to do about it.
  • Launched rowing plan support for Beta users.
  • Profile charts now display applicable sessions and can be interacted with directly from the UI.
  • Implemented a tiered pricing model for coaches to provide more flexible and equitable payment options.
  • Introduced Swimming Pace Profile charts to enhance data visualization for swimming activities.
  • Limiting Maximal Mean Power (MMP) Insight to session chart analysis, highlighting its relationship to Workout Reserve (WR).
  • Ability to add any number of ‘A’ priority races during the year.
  • Power and pace profile charts upgraded to version 5. Includes analyses of strengths and work-ons below your cycling power and running pace profiles (example below).