Arrivederci, Chris Case! Fast Talk Episode 204


This week on Fast Talk , we say farewell to our longtime Cohost Chris Case (@chris).

Yes, it’s true: our Cofounder is off to greener pastures or, should we say, a heckuva lot more riding bikes in Europe and exploring the world.

During Episode 204, we gather longtime friends of Chris for a good-humored roasting and farewell: Trevor Connor (@trevor), Ben Delaney, Lennard Zinn, Grant Holicky (@gholicky), Dr. Stephen Seiler (@stephen.seiler), Dr. Andy Pruitt (@andrewpruittedd), and Rob Pickels (@robpickels).

We recall long-suppressed rides gone wrong with Chris’s nose in the wind, reminisce about escapades and hijinks, and set up a fun showdown to decide the next Cohost of the Fast Talk podcast.

Episode 204 is also available as a videocast!