4×8-Minute Interval Execution where are the workout files

in the email and other places it says the workout files are part of the episode/ discussion per email “from their physiological benefits to how and why you should do them. INCLUDES downloadable workout files”. I can not seem to see any downloadable files for most if not all of the workouts presented. I and a full paying member so I am not sure why this does not show up in an easy to find way. Maybe if you had a single place where downloadable files we located so you could link, and just download? Maybe you do but I have not found them.

I’m a Listener member currently, I found the link on the 4×8-Minute Interval Execution webpage here:

thanks, for some reason I do not seem to see that button. What I see when I go there and I am a library member… there may be a glitch in the website:

so a bit different…

there is a bug … the text says: FTW (Free This Week!) Coach Connor details the best practices for 4×8-minute intervals, from their physiological benefits to how and why you should do them. INCLUDES downloadable workout files. See for FREE until May 28.

This content is for Listener members only. but I am supposed to get all of what a listener gets plus full access.

I made it work by logging in again and then refreshing the page with the videos and links.

guess what, I had to actually enrol as a listener in addition to being a library member already. When I signed up as a library it must have disabled the Listener level. Once I did that I now see all of the links… very kluggie! Added Edit: it turns out my profile had a glitch that has now been fixed and things seem to work OK now.

I was able to find them easily, but not sure how to use them. Anyone know how to upload them to Training peaks? I keep getting an error that no workout exists.

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Same issue with me whenever I try to download the file and upload to TP.

Worked for me , but the warm-up is really really low Watts ; one said " Dont push harder here" , but is very low , i dont get it