4 x 8s + - (coach Conner style) and a bit about me + training

Hi guys, first post however have been listening to fast talk for going on about 1.5 years now as a consistent weekly listener and believer in the method of training.

This is a 2 prong post…bit about me and what’s next as far as my progression question.


I spent 8 years bodybuilding prior to this lifting weights and growing my physique/strength. I went from about 65kg at 6ft2 to about 108kg show ready over those years. I’ve now stripped back to about 75/6kg compared to back then, people think I have became ill by the drawn in cheeks and now have a jawline, thought Id never see that again! Funnily I find bodybuilding isn’t much different to cycling in many respects, obsessive dieting and striving for perfection being a few to name.

Since stopping and gaining a new addiction (Road cycling) I adopted the methods of going slow and large miles after spending about a year prior doing sweet spot/ group rides and V02. I went from about 200 to 300w “ftp” on a ramp test … basically pissing in the wind as a beginner with no clear plan, that 300 FTP didn’t mean much with powerhouses in a bunch I realised fast…so went back to the drawing board.

I spent the last 1.5 years studying up and growing my knowledge in all cycling, the long way around with plenty of growth through error.

I think im finally beginning to see the gains of my long …long slow time on the bike, as far as growth goes with this block. I stuck to these like a religion, I like doing the same workouts week on week. as I must say it felt like no changes were ever going to happen…then all of a sudden I can push power. Im week 8 into my threshold intervals and never felt better. Very Happy with it and Id recommend anyone to it.

So onto more of my question…

Heres how my 8 weeks so far have went.

Week 1-4 - 4 x 8 Mins Coach Conner 3 point intervals (HR (around 178bpm), Power, RPE7ish) progressed from 285 struggling to about 290…was skeptical.

Week 5-6 - 4 x 8 Mins Coach Conner 3 point intervals (HR (around 178bpm), Power, RPE7ish) progressed from 290 easily to about 310…became a believer.

Week 7 - 4 x 8 Mins Coach Conner 3 point intervals (HR (around 178bpm), Power, RPE7ish) progressed from 310 became 315 and my recoveries were really fast felt I could hold that power for the hour no issues around RPE 7

During this…my z2 rides are up about 2kmph faster and heart rate seems lower. only noticed this the last few weeks.

Week 8 - 2 x 20 Mins (2 sessions) Same method, now just making sure I pace it right.
First session was actually surprised, managed to hold set 1 310w @165bpm max and and an RPE of about 6 took a 2 min break then back into it. 2nd set just touched my upper end…but it was close to 30 degrees in the house…it felt still an easy RPE7.
2nd session today - I did Alpe du Zwift 1 x 20 mins then approx 5 min rest and did 1 x 25 mins to finish. I struggled to get my heart rate up to the mark …not that I was fatigued or anything, I just seemed to be able to push harder…Should I have kept pushing harder to pick my HR up a touch more?
See attached images of the workout. I’m aware of the purpose of the workout…so know I should be working aerobically instead of really pushing myself to that limit…but felt like I had plenty…I could have done 20 mins more to put it in perspective instead of really hurting the last few mins, which is why I upped the 2nd set to 25 mins…

Just looking for some help on this do I just up the power to meet my RPE and HR? I’m probably going to be doing an extra 4 weeks then start reducing my LT1 training to more intensity focused to build out my top end

But generally just to say hi and thanks, I have learned a lot and think my training has come on 10 fold with such simple steps!

Unsure if in the right place, move post if not.

Hope you are all good!