4 // The Business of Coaching, NEW from Joe Friel’s Craft of Coaching


Fast Talk Labs coaches,

We are pleased to announce the newest module from The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel: The Business of Coaching!

Coaching is the “easy” part. Building a business takes a variety of skills, many unfamiliar and specialized.

In The Craft of Coaching Module 4, Joe Friel and his hand-picked master coaches share how they:

  • set the stage for a successful business
  • started their businesses and evolved them over time
  • responded to changing markets and tools
  • determine how much to charge
  • market their coaches and business
  • hire assistants and manage a team

This module features contributions from coaches Joe Friel (@JFRIEL), Philip Hatzis (@PhilipHatzis), Gordo Byrn, Frank Overton, and Mike Ricci (@MikeRicci).

The Craft of Coaching is Joe Friel’s ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach. From athlete performance to the business of coaching, Friel shares every secret.

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