235. CX is awesome

I really enjoyed the conversation about cross (Episode 235: Can Cyclocross Make You a Stronger Racer?) and I think you hit a lot of great points. A perspective I want share, as a 59 year old who has watched junior development as well as masters racing in several sports, fringe (cycling) to ultra-fringe (whitewater slalom): the friendly atmosphere at cross is because it’s not in the Olympics. As soon as it’s Olympic, it attracts the ultra competitive parents and coaches, barriers to entry go up and so on. My 2 cents: keep cross great - keep it out of the olympics and let it remain the outstanding development, family friendly, fun, experimental low stakes environment it is.


Hey @jm1,

I agree that CX is an incredible entry into the sport of cycling. At a recent race - “Schoolyard Cross” - we had ~200 juniors!

I have mixed feelings on whether it ought to be a part of the olympics, but regardless, I wish that USAC put more development emphasis and funding for junior riders. Tim Johnson / the Mudfund are handling the brunt of that load.