Website Upgrade! Navigate by Topic + Better Mobile View

Fast Talk Labs members, we are pleased to announce some new features to help you get the most from your membership!

We’ve upgraded our website to make it easier to find the topics that interest you most.

Click through to see Chris Case’s 1-minute tour of what’s new.


*Browse by Topic: Our website menu is now organized by the subjects we cover best: Training, Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Sport Psychology, and Recovery & Health.

*Dive Deeper: Click any of these subject to see related content. Then dive into specific topics with new shortcut menus. Within Training, for example, it’s now easy to find the science of Interval training, Performance Analysis, Polarized training, Planning Your Season, and Strength and Conditioning.

*On most topics, we suggest our top Featured stories – plus a quick list of the newest related content.

*Better Search: Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ve also upgraded our Search Bar to cover more of our content. Just hit the search bar at the top of every page.

*Better on Mobile: And best yet, our updated website is now more mobile friendly with easier navigation and cleaner design. So you can see what’s new from wherever you are.

With these updates to, it’s even easier to get faster!

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