Recent, New, and Coming Soon: Week of August 2, 2021

Happy August, everyone!

As the European and American summer holiday season continues, we hope many of you are enjoying some relaxing time with family and some enjoyable time in the saddle.

If you have some free time, consider these new stories! And heads up: We will be releasing our next Pathway this week or early next.

Fast Talk Episode 174: Q&A on Travel and Training, CTL, Race Prep, and Big Gear LSD Rides, with Kendra Wenzel
Coach Kendra Wenzel helps us answer questions on balancing training and travel, final race prep, big gear work on LSD rides, pushing through or pulling the plug, and training races.

Saddle Sores, Sexual Dysfunction, and Other Female “Saddle Diseases"
Dr. Andy Pruitt leads a frank discussion about saddle sores, sexual dysfunction, and other female-specific saddle/chamois pathologies, addressing both preventative measures and potential long-term consequences.

Saddle Sores and Other Male “Saddle Diseases"
Saddle sores, numbness, and erectile dysfunction are just a few of the issues that can hamper male cyclists. Dr. Andy Pruitt details how to avoid these and other cycling saddle problems.

An Introduction to Training Metrics, Part 2
The interrelationship between form, fitness, and fatigue is the basis for quantifying training load. Performance Management Charts help athletes visualize and interpret that balance. Coach Trevor Connor explains the science.

Coach Connor’s Favorite WKO Features
TrainingPeaks is popular, but WKO5 is a much more powerful tool. Coach Trevor Connor has extensive experience with WKO and shares his favorite features.

Choosing the Right Bike Saddle for Your Body’s Biomechanics
The saddle you choose to ride, and its proper placement, play huge roles in your comfort and performance on the bike.