NEW PATHWAY! How to Exercise in the Heat

Apologies for the late Forum announcement on our new Exercise in the Heat Pathway, which we released and announced to members via email on June 30th.


From heart rate to mental state, hot temperatures affect every part of human physiology, sometimes ending in a ruined race or a bad workout. But endurance athletes can beat the heat.

In our new Pathway on Exercise in the Heat, we explore how to manage heat, dial in hydration, and fuel for performance in hot conditions. This Pathway taps Dr. Stephen Cheung, the internationally recognized expert in thermal physiology, and sport scientists Rob Pickels, Lindsay Golich, Dr. Stephen Seiler, our CEO and coach Trevor Connor, and our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler.

These experts explore the physiology and psychology of training and racing in the heat. They bust myths and provide science-based best practices for managing heat, hydration, and nutrition for indoor cycling and riding on the road or trail. This Pathway includes rider morphology, mental strategies, drinking vs. dousing, sports drink salinity, muscle cramping, getting acclimated to hot weather, drinking to thirst, and how heat affects sports nutrition needs.

Follow the Exercise in the Heat Pathway and master ways to beat the heat.

About 30% of this Pathway is available free to Listener Members. To access the full Exercise in the Heat Pathway and all Fast Talk Labs content, upgrade to Library Membership.

What Is a Pathway?

Fast Talk Labs Pathways™ are a new way to explore concepts, master skills, and solve training challenges. Pathways are curated collections of expert articles, workshops, workouts, and podcasts that are designed to offer a more robust exploration of a topic than is possible through any individual story. Our coaches provide helpful introductions that link these articles, videos, and other items together so you will always understand the context behind the content.

Think of a Fast Talk Labs Pathway as a MasterClass for endurance sports. Library Members who complete a Pathway will come away with a comprehensive understanding of a topic from a variety of expert perspectives. Finish a Pathway and you’ll know the next path forward in your own training.

In the coming months, we will release new Pathways that address key concepts, training techniques, performance analysis methods, and much more. The Exercise in the Heat Pathway, which is our fourth Pathway, contains all-new content developed specifically for this Pathway.

What topics would you like us to explore in an upcoming Pathway?

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