Introducing the Cycling Interval Training Pathway

Fast Talk Labs Cycling Interval Training Pathway 2

Fast Talk Laboratories Members,

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of our second Pathway, the Cycling Interval Training Pathway.

This new Pathway features our CEO Trevor Connor, our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler, Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Stephen Cheung, Sebastian Weber, and coach Neal Henderson.

Follow our new Cycling Interval Training Pathway to master intervals! You will begin with the basics of interval workouts and then progress to more advanced details on how to flawlessly execute specific interval workout types to earn specific physiological adaptations. Through Workshops, you will learn how to analyze your interval workout performance. Over 21 articles, interviews, workshops, and workouts, our Cycling Interval Pathway offers Library Members the opportunity to truly master cycling’s most critical and nuanced workout format.

About 30% of this Pathway is available free to Listener Members. To access the full Cycling Interval Pathway and all Fast Talk Labs content, upgrade to Library Membership.

What Is a Pathway?

Fast Talk Labs Pathways are a new way to explore concepts, master skills, and solve training challenges. Pathways are curated collections of expert articles, workshops, workouts, and podcasts that are designed to offer a more robust exploration of a topic than is possible through any individual story. Our coaches provide helpful introductions that link these articles, videos, and other items together so you will always understand the context behind the content.

Think of a Fast Talk Labs Pathway as a MasterClass for endurance sports. Library Members who complete a Pathway will come away with a comprehensive understanding of a topic from a variety of expert perspectives. Finish a Pathway and you’ll know the next path forward in your own training.

In the coming months, we will release new Pathways that address key concepts, training techniques, performance analysis methods, and much more. The Cycling Interval Workout Pathway, which is our second Pathway, contains all-new content developed specifically for this Pathway.

Endurance sports have long been a vibrant, thriving community of separate and distinct bodies of knowledge. By launching Pathways, Fast Talk Laboratories brings together experts from all over the world into a focused sport science community and virtual performance center.

Watch for our next Pathway release in late May or early June.

What topics would you like us to explore in an upcoming Pathway?

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Fantastic work by the whole team on this pathway! A lot of great information about executing intervals - including a few you trainer workouts (couldn’t not have Batman intervals!)


I am really looking forward to diving into this one! I love the Pathways concept. The last, knee one, was really great - especially for someone like me with 2 reconstructed ACLs that brings on random pain/soreness every few months or so!

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