FTW (Free This Week) for Listener Members: Cyclocross Fundamentals with Coach Grant Holicky

Hello members!

During our early summer member survey, we got some feedback from Listener Members that they would appreciate some occasional free content.

Our team felt this was a fair request: Non-members and Listener Members should get a chance to see the useful content that is available after upgrading to Library membership.

In the spirit of sharing, this week we invite all Listener Members to log in to their Fast Talk Laboratories account to enjoy this 10-minute workshop on cyclocross skills from coach Grant Holicky @gholicky .

This Workshop is available to Listener Members through August 19th.

’Cross Skills: Mastering the Fundamentals




Can’t do better than @gholicky when it comes to Cross skills. Very excited to have him put together this video for Fast Talk Labs!

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