Contact with the Fasttalk team

Anyone else finding it hard to get a reply when emailing the Fast Talk Team ?

I’m asking questions the cost of Insycd testing - I want to spend money but noone is replying to my query LOL ?

I’ve used the address as suggested on the Insycd testing page
Also used the general chat box - no reply that I can see.

Is it me ?


Hi @FatherOLeary,

Sorry you haven’t heard from us. Ryan Kohler has been managing that email and setting up the testing. He was on vacation last week and it looks like you unfortunately slipped through the cracks. I’ll get him in touch with you.


All sorted thanks @trevor appreciate the reply sir

@FatherOLeary, glad to hear it! Ryan messaged me… said that his message to you didn’t go through. Sorry again about that. Glad you’re all set now!